How Likely is an ...

How Likely is an Asteroid to Ruin Your Day?

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  • Prednášajúci:Dr. Humberto Campins
  • Dátum a čas začiatku: 30. 09. 2022 20:15

How Likely is an Asteroid to Ruin Your Day?


Dr. Humberto Campins is the University of Central Florida's Pegasus professor of physics and astronomy and the head of the planetary science group. He is also a 2021-2022 Jefferson Science fellow in ECA's Office of American Spaces. Campins is a member of NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission team. He can speak about asteroids as resources and hazards, the origin of life on earth, space research, and the future of space exploration. Bio Video Article

About lecture:

As individuals we should not worry about a large asteroid impact because chances are so low in our lifetimes. However, as a civilization we MUST do something. Devastating impacts have happened (e.g., dinosaur extinction) and will happen again if we do nothing. Fortunately, there is considerable international collaboration on defending Earth against asteroid impacts.